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27 January 2015
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21 February 2015
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Browser wars

Surfing the web has become a vital activities for those internet users, but it should be noted that everyone need to select his favourite web browser.

Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer are the best known in the market but each Net surfer got into the habit of using one of them, as an Internet gateway.

All browsers are different, some of them have more experience, like Internet Explorer, others are more independent, like Firefox, and some are sponsored, such as Google Chrome, so here there is a question that should be asked: what is the best browser?

It is necessary to use benchmark tools as the great way of choosing the best browser, which is known as an online application that measure not only the code interpretation capabilities, but also the speed and display capabilities of a browser.

Google Chrome offers a wide range of features, specifically, remote printing documents with Google Print, the installation of expansion modules and recovering passwords. Firefox offers almost the same features as its Chrome competitor but he dominated until now, due to the extensions’ number.

Opera enables quick navigation for low connection debits. The Safari is less rich than other browsers

Internet Explorer is suitable for classical web pages, and it becomes slower when things get complicated.

Today rumors talk about the new browser that it will be the new engine of Internet Explorer. The new browser is named « Spartan ».



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