Community Management

We follow you through your community management’s integration into your company, in order to encourage your brand strategy. However, we understand that your needs depend also on your budget and priorities. That is why we accompany you into your first steps too and your first tests in terms of community animation.

Consulting agency in community management

Community management is a recent term that evokes the job of a community manager who was the subject of debate and ambiguity concerning the nature of his job. Commercial or charged of the reputation, the community manager is the employee who manages the company’s community on social networks. He animates the discussions, shares content and information, answers community member’s questions… The aim of a community manager is to manage one of the most important web issues, which is the e-reputation or the company’s online reputation. That is why, the community manager looks after network’s establishment with the community actors to make them the brand or the company’s ambassadors.

Community management tariffs

The Novatis community management packages are services’ contracts which suggest taking over the creation and management of your presence on social networks. Novatis mobilizes a multidisciplinary team from its studio to guarantee the success of your presence on social networks by relying on an approved and developed methodology by Novatis, the ECPARE method.If you don’t find here the formula that corresponds to your context, we will be happy to conceive a tailor-made contract which will fit you perfectly!

The job of community management can start and will consist in :

In this case, the exchanges will focus on the community’s domain of experience, and the community manager or CM will have as a target to:

.1Frame the exchanges

Be sure that the exchanges remain centered on that target
Welcome the new participants: encourage them to present themselves and to participate
Animate the community: Moderate and anticipate their expectations

.2Maintain and preserve the good brand notoriety

Monitor your e-reputation through looking after the image and opinion techniques.
Value and make your community loyal.
Internal missions (that only make sense compared to the principal mission)

.3Technical amelioration of the community’s platform

History management and content archiving produced by the community.
Support the development of new functionalities

.4Develop your brand image

Fix the community objectives : product test, communication and promotion around the brand.
Define the measure’s indicators allowing to validate the reached objectives: number of fans.
Animate recruitment actions of new members.

.5Ameliorate the community cohesion

Make existing members (fans, followers, spinners…) relays of information in the community.
Suggest subjects generating debates, share of experience, practices between visitors and consumers.
Look after the responses’ quality and revitalize the conversation.
Ensure the members’ loyalty through the setup of online events (chats, interviews, games…) and offline (events, conferences, meeting, etc.)
Enforce community’s ethical rules through the moderation of content produces by the visitors.
Ensure general conditions’ respect of the website use.

You want to develop the audience of your Facebook page and your Twitter account?

Our web agency in Tunis and Sfax accompanies you in your project! Increase your visibility with targeted fans and followers. Our recruitment agency for fans and followers offers a service to develop your presence on social networks and improve your visibility. Recruit fans and followers according to your communication needs.

Recruiting fans and followers to improve visibility

The numbers of social networks are dizzying and prove that companies have every interest in being present, but not only! They must also animate their community. Indeed, on Facebook and Twitter, the animation of the community is important to develop the engagement of your fans and followers. It is particularly effective if it follows the good practices of the web writing on social networks. However, if your accounts do not have many fans or followers, the community management is not really useful. It is for this reason that we propose the recruitment of fans and followers targeted according to your needs.

Fans and followers qualified for effective engagement

We set up recruitment campaigns for qualified fans.
Indeed, having a lot of fans or followers is not enough to increase engagement.
If the users are not in your target, they will not be sensitive to your posts and you will do all this for nothing.
With some 1.32 billion monthly active users worldwide on Facebook, there are bound to be potential targets for your communication. It is better to have few fans and followers, but very qualified.

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Various levers used by our recruitment agency for fans and followers

For the recruitment of your fans, we carry out a precise targeting on the profiles most likely to bring you commitment. Through various levers such as Facebook advertising or the organization of contests, we can give you increased visibility on social networks. Once recruited fans and followers, do not hesitate to implement a digital strategy to retain the acquired users and create a commitment by publishing diverse and quality content.
Contact Us for more information on recruiting fans and followers and for your quote requests.