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You would like to present your products/services online? You would like to target new customers? You are looking for a new means of promotion? You would like to develop your CA? Your store’s transactions are stagnating? Your competitors develop on the Internet?

Our e-commerce
solutions are
made for you!


You are concerned by one or more from the questions asked above? Then spreading your activity to the internet is an essential turning point for your company to stay in the game. Choosing the solution “e-commerce website” or “online shop” is to allow your company to expose without any geographical borders and without interruption its products and services. It’s ensuring to your company to touch new targets and increase your potential clients environment.Developing a new service for your already existing clients through the creation of a merchant website, it’s also a way to boost your image and your customer relationship.
The web agency NOVATIS will follow you from the conception to the realization of your website. Our solutions are specifically adapted to your needs (Tunisia, dinars, e-dinars, Tunisian bank card… ) , whether it is about enhancing your existing online shop, recasting or a completely creating it.

Here's how we work , together, to launch your website


First step

Appointments and definition of the objectives of your website


Step 2

Taking information


Step 3

Presentation of models and ideas


Step 4

Development of your website



Launch of your website

An online shop website or merchant website,, also known as e-commerce website or online shop website, is a dynamic website on which a company exposes 24h/24 and 7j/7 its products and services. The surfer has simple functionalities to make his selection, share information, order directly via the interface. Just like a traditional shop, the payment occurs on a secure banking platform (in Tunisia for example: e-dinars, SPS, Tunisian bank card…) via check or other payment means.

A shop site in
line what is ?

Examples of functionalities for
your e-commerce website

  • Electronic catalog to present your products and services
  • Management of images products
  • Tariff management, discount and promotions
  • Stock management in real time
  • Order tracking
  • Recommend your products on social networks
  • Customer’s account management
  • Management of virtual basket
  • ...

Advantages of e-commerce
website e-commerce

  • The geographical area of sale is global. The only limit remains linked to the costs of delivery or to the legislation existing in the buyer’s country.
  • The increase of potential customer’s number. Some customers purchase through traditional networks, others online. Positioning yourself on the web allows you to touch both customers groups.
  • Increase sales revenue.
  • Savings related to the no necessary opening of additional physical sale points.
  • Additional service for your existing customers. Purchase comfort, loyalty, promotions…
  • ...

Optimize the commercial efficiency of your website

To improve the commercial efficiency of your website, we advise you to add modules and options.

Importation base des données des produits

Importation basis of
product data

Vente flash

Flash sale

Blog wordpress

Blog wordpress

Community management

Community management

Formation avancée sur l’utilisation du site

Advanced training
on the use of the site

SEO optimization

SEO optimization

Content writing

Content writing



Novatis Tunisia and e-commerce

We always privilege evolved, evolutionary and reliable solutions, for the creation of an online shop. Our e-commerce solutions allow your online shop to adapt quickly to changes and activity’s evolutions. We generally use open source platforms such as Pretashop, Magento and Opencart. These platforms answer in 95% of cases to the customer’s needs.