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5 January 2019
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Creation online store in Tunisia

E-shop, E-commerce, online sales, online store creation and other similar terms are becoming more and more present in the process of buying consumers.
Time is becoming more and more precious. As a result, the consumer finds himself unable to find the time to physically complete his shopping.
Buying online is then the miracle solution to time management. But in order to trigger the act of purchase, the consumer needs reassurance. We talk about trust.
The major problems that a Tunisian buyer encounters when buying online are illustrated at the level of trust and credibility they grant to sites.

Are the means of payment secure? What are the valid ways for home delivery ?

Two years ago, Tunisia faced a range of difficulties in selling online. On the one hand, the advent of this new concept illustrated an obstacle in the minds of Tunisians tinted echoes that this concept left behind: The scams of online payment showed an uncertain and risky world.

On the other hand, the lack of means of delivery has accentuated this phenomenon of uncertainty. The post office, the only one on the market, is not known for its fast and guaranteed service. In addition, the delivery was not done at home, but at the post office closest to your home. Physical displacement is then a necessity which does not solve the problem that arises.

However, the problem does not seem solved at 100%. The increase in e-commerce sites(online store) on this area does not hide that there is a delay that limits its potential. Electronic transactions are failing or almost absent sometimes. Tunisians still do not have the right to make purchases or sales online through international payment services. The integration of payment modules for online shops is slow. The Central Bank explains this delay by the lack of foreign currency in the coffers of the State.

Very few countries do not use Paypal, the world leader in online payment modules, there is Tunisia.

The only valid means of payment are the SPS Secured Payment Server which belongs to the payment payment company and the e-DINAR card, solution of the Tunisian Post Office.
About 1.5 million transactions are made through these means generating a turnover of 111 million dinars.

Top 5 e-commerce sites

  • ms-marion
  • Cavallina
  • babymam
  • paraclic
  • stanhome

Top 5 e-commerce markets in the world in 2015

  • China with 691 billion euros
  • The United States with 537 billion euros
  • The United Kingdom with 157 billion euros
  • Japan with 96 billion euros
  • France with 65 billion euros

The online store creation in Tunisia is being restarted on a more solid foundation with a growing population predisposed to buying online (about 70% of the population). This is achieved by putting in place the necessary incentives for the promotion of this sector by the State.

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