Dynamic website

What’s a dynamic website ?

A dynamic website is a website whose pages are displayed according to your needs of the moment and/or according to the interaction with your visitors. This website type has generally a content management system (CMS – content management system) which will allow you to add, edit and/or delete very easily pages, categories, textual content, graphs, audiovisual and documents on the basis of your needs or, for example, of your events. All of this information are stored in a database.
Several pages of the website are therefore dedicated to the presentation of your organization, its history, its mission, your products and portfolio, other pages can display a blog, an agenda, a zone that is accessible only for certain visitors such us your clients, members… The possibilities are endless.
An important specification of a dynamic website is that it introduces a notion of exchange with your visitors. They can for example post comments on your blog, have access to pages that are devoted for them or create by themselves the content of your website. All of this interactive content is organized according to a clear layout, a modeled design on your brand image and a navigation that has to be ergonomic. Be careful, if the content is not regularly changed, it is not necessary to create a dynamic website, a showcase website would be enough.

Here's how we work , together, to launch your website


First step

Appointments and definition of the objectives of your website


Step 2

Taking information


Step 3

Presentation of models and ideas


Step 4

Development of your website



Launch of your website

Steps for the creation of a dynamic website

In the interest of simplification, our agency Novatis has subdivided the process of website creation into 5 steps.

1+2. Defining needs and quotation

On the basis of a discussion, we will precise your needs and can provide a cost estimation that is better adjusted to your situation for the creation of your dynamic website.
Contact us to get a free quotation for the creation of your dynamic website !

3. A model design, website design

If you decide to work with us, and after one or more outreach, our web agency will start working to submit a design and layout proposition for you.
The design and layout of the dynamic website are then rechecked and adapted until you are satisfied.
This step takes generally 2 weeks but the duration can differ according to the complexity of the website and to the quantity of documents and information that you want to transmit.

4. Web programming and design integration

We generally program the website in HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript and SQL and we make sure that they are optimized for the following web-browsers :
Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. Your dynamic website contains all the basic tags necessary for the SEO referencing :
meta titles, meta descriptions, tags, etc. If you wish to manage your website’s content by yourself, we train you on the use of your content manager (your CMS or Content Management system). The CMS with whom our web design agency works generally for dynamic websites are: WordPress and Drupal. This step takes between one and two months but can last longer according to the complexity of the website and of the quantity of documents and information that you transmit to us.

5. Test period of the dynamic website

The test period starts after the validation of the website’s beta version, our team tests your website on our server of preprocess for a week and corrects the eventual problems of programming and design before the delivery and the online release of your website.

Dynamic website quotation

Contact us to get a free estimate for the creation of your dynamic website !

On the basis of a discussion, we will precise your needs and can provide you an estimate that is better adjusted to your situation for the creation of your dynamic website.

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Whatever is your project, and even though it is out of the web design frame, our agency has probably got the solution for you. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the services that we provide. If you don’t find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us. Web design : Design and development of showcase websites, dynamic websites and e-shops, web hosting, emailing, etc.
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E-marketing : Web referencing Tunisia, optimization referencing website Tunisia, community management, facebook page animation, etc.

Optimize the commercial efficiency of your website

To improve the commercial efficiency of your website, we advise you to add modules and options.

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