The basics of a successful corporate communication reside in the attractive power of its visual identity. The graphic image is the best marketing way to capture attention. This task should preferably be entrusted to a specialized dynamic communication agency in order to have the best possible results. At Novatis, we help you make a star image to shine in the sky of your market. We put at your service our creativity for original designs, to the standards of your requirements.

What’s the visual identity of your company ?

The graphic representation of your identity, through signs, colors and forms allows you to stand-out and to communicate as soon as a prospect looks at your documents. The visuals realized have to be very explicit representations of what your company is. The more clear and precise you visual identity is, with variations according to the graphic chart, the more your identification will be easy and performing.

Study and creation of logo

A logotype is the base of the building of your visual identity. Its design must take into account several factors, related to the activity of the company, for the choice of colors and appropriate forms. A logo sends the first messages about the company, its principles and will ensure its value in the market.

The print

The global visual identity of your company goes through the realization of different formats models: website of course, but also business card, flyer ...

Graphical charter

The overall visual identity of your company requires the creation of models of different formats: website of course, but also business card, letterhead, flyer, flap pocket...

Business Card

A visit card is more than a support for the contact details of your company or your employees. This is a reference that will serve your reputation and your presence on the market in the face of competition. A well-organized tour card offers you opportunities to build new links and reach new horizons.

Wish card

In addition to the concept of a simple form of advertising, a greeting card is a very popular communication tool that offers its fruits during celebrations. A beautiful graphic design allows the development of a beautiful support to your wishes. Use all possible means to maintain your presence and benefit from the expertise of our team.


The development of a representative support of your activity is an essential element in order to familiarize your customers with your services. A brochure must reflect the culture of your company to attract customers and strengthen your communication. We offer you the creation of a support that goes beyond the simple basic design, thus ensuring your reputation everywhere.

Product catalog

The presentation of your products is a determining factor for commercial success. By choosing the right images with an attractive graphic presentation, you can guarantee better communication. As each product is different, our designs adapt to your brand image to deliver a product catalog that meets your expectations.

Our graphic creation studio suggests a complete range of established tailor-made services in the graphic domain of the web, the edition and multimedia.
And because a good drawing is worth more than a long speech, our creative experts put a particular accent on the graphic creation.

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Graphic creation studio

Our graphic conception in Tunisia studio achieves all of your graphic creations: commercial brochure, institutional brochure, advertising brochure, flyers, product catalog prospectus, advertising poster...

Web design

Benefit from a tailor-made design thanks to our web designers’, graphic artists’ and illustrators’ competences: graphic chart creation, website recast, infographics, logo creation...
From the flash animation or the creation of virtual visits to the creation of a website of a website passing by the creation the creation of a virtual identity, our graphic creation studio covers all the essential services to your communication’s making.

The graphic design of your website

Whether you want to create a new website or remake your existing site, graphic design is an important phase in your project. Creating a visually appealing site that meets ergonomic standards is our main mission.
Our web design agency and graphic design customizes the graphic charter of your future website showcase or e-commerce by putting a special passion for the creativity and innovation of its designers.
Because the graphics of your website is more than just a picture, Novatis designs your responsive web pages and is fully adapted to meet your conversion goals.