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2 December 2014
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3 December 2014
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Graphic design: Visual trends 2014

Every creative person who respects their job wants to produce an original work which will be unique and not like everyone else’s. However to know the trends well and to add your personal touch and to keep a fresh approach in your work (even if you have not left the office for one week and that you are yourself not very fresh…)

To discover  the visual trends in the field of the graphic design for the year 2014, we propose a selection of the top graphic designs impossible to circumvent that passed in front of our eyes during this year:

-Reflection in the photos is no longer seen as a technical error: they symbolize the authenticity.

-The technology enables us to transcribe life such as it is, in the moment with the instantaneous photo.

-Multi-ethnic modals are the new faces of world publicity.

-The illustrations outlined with the hand remind us that an artist was implied in the process of creation.

More original and new ideas in graphic design will surely appear with the new year. What 2015 is saving for us in web design? We will just need to wait and see 😉


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