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23 September 2020
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How do you become a community manager?

How do you become a community manager

Before confinement, telework was not very anchored in our habits. With the latter, teleworking has become an obligation for many companies. Working with freelancers is also a solution that is increasingly popular with companies, especially in social media. It may be interesting depending on your desires to start as a community manager!

The Community manager is one of the new professions on the web. It is very popular with new generations and essential for businesses.

In progression in companies since 2009, the profession of Community Manager is becoming more democratic and, 11 years later, is booming. Sometimes considered as the « handymen of the web » or on the contrary as specialists in digital communication, the positions of Community Manager vary enormously from one company to another.

The rise of new technologies and the changes observed on social networks are pushing the profession to structure itself and become more professional if it wants to continue blooming without losing.

In 2020, How do you become a community manager?

1.    What does the job of community manager consist of?

The community manager is responsible for ensuring the presence of a brand or a company on the networks. Its goal is to create a community of Internet users, ensure comments, maintain a relationship with customers via the Internet, but also disseminate the company’s key messages using social networks. He participates in the marketing communication strategy of a company by focusing on interactivity with the public.

This new communication profession benefits from various means of action in its digital strategy. He is a web community facilitator. Its role is to:

  • Start a conversation
  • Participate and moderate a debate
  • Grant promotions to subscribers on social networks
  • Propose contests or meetings

The goal is to retain the community as much as possible on the various networks it runs. To do this, he must implement various digital strategies on each network. Finally, he must apply the rules of good conduct within his community: protection of user data, respect for netiquette, etc.

2.    What are the qualities to become a community manager?

community manager

To reach this position, it is generally necessary to have a university degree of Bac +3/5 type with a specialization in community management or a school diploma in communication or marketing. Many communication courses offer a branch of social media training or SEO training.

This web communication professional must master certain technical skills such as new communication tools (community, social, professional, blogs, forums, etc.), competitive intelligence tools (Google AdWords) and e-reputation measurement, creation and production of content, advertising campaign (e-mailing).

The qualities required to perform this professional activity are:

  • Be passionate about the web
  • Have an excellent web culture
  • Interpersonal skills on different media
  • Master the main social networks
  • Editorial skills
  • Have a good spelling
  • Be creative and proactive
  • Be sociable
  • Responsiveness and Curiosity

3.    What are the missions?

The community manager must first and foremost develop brand awareness on the web. For this he participates in the creation of the values of the community, defines the objectives of the community with a team composed of a marketing manager, a web project manager, a web editor, a traffic manager and a SEO master.

He manages the history and archiving of data and ensures the loyalty of Internet users through on-line events (newsletters, contests, etc.).

Finally, it also has the role of supporting the technical and functional development of the platform. This involves monitoring the conditions of use of the site, reporting bugs in functionalities that may appear, developing a communication strategy, analyzing e-marketing communication and e-business, monitoring audiences.

4.    Studies / Training to become a Community manager

Even though the profession of a community manager is accessible with a bac +2 level, recruiters are increasingly asking for bac +3 and bac + 5 levels with a specialization in digital communication.

Level bac + 2:

  • BTS Communication,
  • BTS MOC – operational commercial management,
  • BTS TC – technical sales,
  • DUT MMI – multimedia and internet professions

Level bac + 3

  • professional license E-commerce and digital marketing. Different routes.
  • Professional digital skills license: design, writing and production. Different courses: Information and Communication Technologies for the Animation of Networks and Communities, animation of communities and digital social networks
  • Professional bachelor’s degree in communication professions: communication manager.
  • Multimedia librarian diploma – media and data manager,

Level bac + 5

  • Business school diploma
  • IEP diploma + online communication training
  • MBA in digital marketing
  • Diploma from communication, marketing, public relations or journalism schools: A professional license, a professional master’s degree in human sciences (letters, arts, history, sociology, communication, etc.) supplemented by a course in online communication may also be suitable.

5.  Career developments

become a community manager

Community manager is a new profession exercised by young professionals. Depending on their tastes, possibilities and environment, a community manager can specialize in e-commerce, social media marketing, communication, advertising …

In large structures with several CMs, he can become a manager or social media manager. He can also become a project manager or digital communication manager.

The status of the self-taught community manager: By status we mean the position in which the community manager will find himself when learning, but also the one who will adopt him.

Being in search of a job, in post or in entrepreneur mode, it is a question of defining your latitude to learn in good conditions. Beyond that, it is also a question of defining a career wish according to the skills acquired in self-study.

The self-taught community manager often has the idea of going independent. Becoming a freelance community manager at the end of your apprenticeship is a common path.

6.    To conclude

The community manager is the direct link between the company and its audiences, whether they are its customers, prospects or influencers – or followers. It establishes a relationship based on exchange and sharing, imbued with friendliness and interactivity. The community manager knows the company’s audiences, he knows how to meet their expectations and answer their questions. The community manager is the voice of the company on social networks, he is the voice of the company on the net. To do this, he uses all the networks that he has identified as being used by his community: blogs, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube etc.

The community manager is also responsible for discovering other communities that allow the company to speak up, and to identify influencers able to play the role of relay. step by step, he must create links and establish a relationship with them.

Community management is a real profession requiring precise skills, constant monitoring, and the determination of a real strategy for speaking out and creating content.

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