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5 January 2019
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How to make people trust your e-shop.

A user who does not trust your e-commerce site, can never buy on this one. On the contrary, the more people will trust your site, the more sales will increase. We will see in this article some small things that you can easily do for your visitors to buy with confidence.

Look after the presentation of your site.

Whether for the packaging of a product, the deventure of a shop, the cover of a book or the graphics of a website, the presentation and aesthetics play a vital role.

Indeed, the graphics of your e-shop will forge the first impression that users will have of your site. As much to make that it is a good impression. To have a nice shop, it is not necessarily necessary to hire a graphic designer, for less than 200 euros you can acquire a beautiful template to integrate to your site. If you use the prestashop solution (which I strongly recommend), there is a very wide variety of templates for not very expensive.

Then, when your business has evolved and you want a custom graphics, then, at that time, you can use the services of a graphic designer.

I advise you to start with a simple template because it is more than enough to have a nice shop and to start selling. We must not fall into this trap: delay the opening of its online store by wanting at all costs a perfect graphics. Because often the graphics take a long time to be realized, the new modules that you want to create take time to be finished …
in the end, you lose time, you lose your money and you still have no shop.

Graphics is important, but that’s not what will bring visitors to your site and if a beautiful graphics will increase the trust of visitors and therefore the number of purchases, still need to have visitors !

So I insist, drop the custom graphics to start and start with a beautiful template.

I opened my first online store with the open source oscommerce solution. I did not take a graphic designer or a template. I left the graphics (really really very ugly) that offered trading base and I changed the colors slightly. Despite that, my site has sold a lot. Subsequently, when I saw that I was gaining profits, I paid a beautiful graphics and I offered my site new features. With the new graphics my turnover has increased significantly.

I emerge from this experience that :

1)A site can work with catastrophic graphics
2)A beautiful graphics increases the trust of visitors and therefore the number of purchases.

I do not tell you to start with a lousy graphics, but to be content with a nice template (enough beautiful to reassure your visitors) to put your time and money in other positions: catalog development, SEO site, advertising etc …

Show your visitors that other visitors are buying on your site.

When one hesitates to do one thing, it is reassuring to know that before it has done it. So you have to show your visitors that other visitors are buying. For that two simple things :

1) Put on each product page a module of the type « Customers who bought this product also purchased » followed by corresponding products.

2) Put on each page product customer feedback on the product.

For comments, you can automatically send an email to your customers, 7 days after sending their order, with a form asking for their opinion on the products ordered, stating that this notice will be published on the site.

Some things to do and others not to do :

– Put a phone number, clearly visible at the top of each page. Your customers will not necessarily call you, but it will reassure them to know that you are contactable in case of problems.

– Do not put a 06 … it’s amateurish. If you do not have a real store, you can take a toll-free number and redirect to your 06. You can also pay for the services of a company to answer your calls.

– Do not put « secure payment ». This will produce the opposite of the expected effect. Seeing « secure payment », the user will remember that one can be hacked his card on the internet.

– Improve the user experience by adding, for example, videos of your products.

– Show your delivery times.

In general, anything that improves the user experience will increase the trust of your visitors and therefore your sales.

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