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4 January 2019
How to make people trust your e-shop.
5 January 2019
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Increase the number of visitors to your e-commerce

To bring back targeted visitors and improve your SEO, just get many links from sites with the same theme as your online store … You already knew ???

Okay, but what you may not know is how to make these sites easily accept to link to your store … It’s very simple, you’ll see :

1 – Organize a great contest reserved for the owners of sites which revolve around the same theme as your commercial site.

2 – List all the blogs that deal with this theme and contact them to present the contest and prizes to win.

3 –As conditions of participation, create an article on their website that presents the contest with a link to your store.

Take the example of a cookbook shop. We could organize a competition of the type :

« Invent your recipe around this theme, publish it on your blog and specify that you participate in the contest organized by our site with a link to it. Internet users of our online store will be asked to vote for the best recipe that will win a voucher of 200 euros and the publication of its recipe. »

This is an example that did not take me two minutes. You can find very good ideas by digging a little more.

This simple method will have the consequence :

– to increase the number of quality links to your shop (since coming from sites of the same theme).
– to bring you targeted traffic (and therefore potential customers).
– to create a buzz around your site if your competition is sufficiently original and is relayed by a large number of sites on your theme.

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