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Payment line

Nowadays, we hear a lot about the online payment method that invades the world of commerce and tends to replace the usual method of payment.

Indeed, you no longer need to waste your time and wait your turn at the level of a long row to pay an invoice, just a simple click on the web and your payment will be made and validated in a few minutes. minutes.

But the question is what is this online payment method secure?

Take the example of payment by credit card !!

Before writing your credit card number and the last 3 digits on the back of your card in the « visual cryptogram » signature area on a web page, always check that you are sending your bank details in encrypted form. This translates to a URL page address beginning with « https » instead of « http » and the appearance of a closed padlock at the bottom left or right of your browser. On some websites, you may be asked for additional code provided by your bank for online purchases.

But we must be careful because the padlock does not guarantee the reliability, honesty or security of the site itself, but only the security of communications between you and the server.

Do not transmit your bank details to sites that do not inspire confidence or give no indication of the company or any point of contact (address, phone, email).

We can not approach the subject of online payment without introducing the term « phishing » indeed, it is a technique used by hackers to steal identities and bank details. For example, they send an email posing as your bank and asking you to confirm your bank details. The arguments used are often alarmist: attempt to hack your account, serious problem on your account.

Always check the sender of the emails you receive and the site on which it sends you. With a little attention, we quickly realize the cheating used by these hackers.

There are different ways to prevent phishing: For example, use a browser with anti-phishing (like Firefox) or use OpenDNS.

Let’s take a look at the different types of online payment.

1-    Payment by credit card :

We must of course check that the e-commerce site on which we are shopping is equipped with a secure payment system. It is a mode of encryption of personal data (name, address, bank details) that makes them invisible, unreachable and therefore can not be recovered by hackers.

Once certain of the security of the site, the payer communicates his coordinates and validates his order.

2-    Payment by e-card number :

It is a payment method attached to the credit card that allows you to pay without giving your credit card number. E-numbers are assigned, temporary bank card numbers, for example in Tunisia payment by e-dinar card.

3-    Payment without credit card :

These are popular services for Internet users: they allow you to pay for your purchases without disclosing your credit card number. They also offer a lot of related services very interesting for a business leader.

The famous Paypal service and its competitor Google Checkout

These online payment solutions require an email address and a credit card number.

Just open an account at Paypal (email address, mailing address and bank account information) and then follow the payment procedure on the merchant site (by choosing the Paypal payment method).

With a Paypal account, you can also receive money: sell an object, request a transfer of money etc …

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