Having a website is good,
having visitors is even better !

SEO referencing , search engine optimization

Being well SEO referenced on search engines is a question of exactitude. A search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo unique aim is to facilitate the task for visitors who are looking for information.
That is why you have to conceive your website as information; the search engine does the rest.

The secret lies in the first position on these engines, have you ever done your researches on the 10th page of Google?

Become No 1 on GOOGLE and increase your visibility with us

The agency Novatis takes care of it. Our expertise is to give you a custom SEO referencing strategy that corresponds to your activity sector and competitors on this one.

More than 70% of traffic belonging to search engines is done through natural results. The massive growth of the competitor’s number of websites and the search engine’s requirements imply the necessity of an update to fix an efficient and in-depth SEO referencing strategy.

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In the context of webmarketing, Novatis suggests in addition to the natural SEO referencing, a paying SEO referencing to never do things halfway and accomplish the optimal visibility. OPTIMAL.

  • Create a targeted traffic for qualified visitors
  • Boost your name or brand to optimize your ROI
  • Improve the conversion of your website’s audience into customers
  • Increase visitor’s loyalty and incite them to spend more time on your website

To help you obtain better positioning and accomplish the desired level of visibility, we suggest :

  • An evolved method based on data analysis and obtained results, technological environment’s evolutions and your needs’ evolution !
  • A unique interlocutor and an expert team in SEO !
  • The use of resources, analysis and technical software with latest technology !
  • A full accompaniment solution, custom-made, oriented to performance and ROI !

Our advantages in SEO referencing

  • Keyword strategy : Identify potential keywords, editorial instructions.
  • Optimization and refinery : technical page refinery, internal links, content optimization, content writing.
  • Net-linking : Identify target websites, Optimize and refine the posts.

These advantages will be revealed subsequently in the approach that Novatis follows for its SEO referencing campaign 100% successful !

Techniques and linguistic

  • We respect in the slightest detail the criteria and recommendations of search engines.
  • There has to be coherence between the keywords and the content of your website.

Novatis brings to you all the essential support for a content optimization or the writing for your account !

Our method

Expert in SEO referencing in Tunisia, Novatis intervenes on various levers to optimize and generate qualified traffic on your website with no equivalent with the other customer’s acquisition levers (mailing, sms…). The agency sets up a custom SEO referencing strategy of the website’s audit and analysis to the positioning follow-up on a 3month period up to a year.

Keywords marketing

The natural referencing determiner consists in being present on a large number of long words. In other terms, the competition is crucial on a unique keyword and therefore, it is more difficult to be placed in 1st position generating higher costs.

  • Keywords audit: Based on a keywords’ list that you provide, we will submit a complete report of the SEO referencing feasibility and its competitive intensity.
  • Eventual suggestion of keywords that would give you a good result in terms of traffic.

Technical analysis of the website

A SEO audit of the website of the website is done to ensure the different elements expected from the positioning algorithms, containing according to the chosen offer, numerous criteria :

  • Website / pages structure’s analysis
  • Domains and urls analysis
  • META tags analysis (Presence, contents)
  • Visible content analysis (Density)
  • Visible content analysis (highlighting)
  • Visible content analysis (position)
  • Visible content analysis (images)
  • Identification of blocking factors

Popularity optimization

Previously, the number of pages containing a link to a website is the only witness of the website’s popularity.
Today, the RANK of a website takes into account not only the quantitative aspects but also the qualitative aspects: link’s form, text..
We take entirely in charge the links’ strategy of a commercial website through our Net-linking service.

  • Number of links analysis
  • Links’ texts analysis

Editorial content strategy

The commercial websites, by dynamic nature have usually a bad time generating a qualified content well accepted by the search engines.
The essential part of content is extracted from databases, in general in “gross” format not allowing a good use of html tags appreciated by engines. it usually leads to positioning difficulties on competitive keywords.
We offer you relevant messages that inform, convince and that search engines appreciate !

Our agency is located in Sfax and inTunis which allows us to generate at a lower cost optimized editorial contents by search engines and totally conforms to engines’ advices: We do not practice any technique that could be considered directly or indirectly like spamdexing.

Does my website really need a SEO referencing campaign ?

Before starting any step in SEO referencing, first you need to undertake an audit, an analysis of your website.

That’s why, the web agency Novatis provides you with Seorank, a free online analysing tool that allows you to follow the progression of your strategy as well as the detection of accessibility brakes to your website. Seorank will give you then the corrective solutions for an efficient SEO referencing.

The 3 steps of a successful SEO campaign

The SEO referencing or web optimization is an action that takes time and patience.
Technical expertise, editorial optimization, Net-linking improvement and social presence increase form a set of criteria for the natural SEO referencing on which you need a regular action.
It reflects a cost-effective and paramount strategic action in every marketing plan and allows you to improve the brand’s notoriety.



  • Positioning study
  • Statistical objectives
  • Defining objectives and keywords


  • Customization of meta tags
  • Code optimization
  • URL rewriting
  • Content creation
  • Net linking campaign


  • Evaluating the positioning in research engines
  • Evaluating visits
  • Refining of previous actions