Tunisia :

Geographical and cultural closeness

The country is located in the northeast of the African continent, Tunisia is at one hour plane from Roma, two and a half from Paris and its proximity to Europe makes it a strategic intersection between both Mediterranean shores.
On one hand, the privileged spot of Tunisia in the heart Of the medierranean basin provides an incomparable cultural closeness.
To its Arab heritage, Berber and African, is added the strong European influences whose culture has been impregnated over the course of History.
On the other hand, being part of the main touristic destinations of the region, our country is characterized by its huge opening on world’s languages: Arab, French, of course, but also English, Italian or German.
Moreover, the interest brought from the Tunisian, including young people, for occidental and foreign cultures in general, via television and internet, represents a strong potential that offers a favorable field to the development and consolidation of externalization of projects off shore in Tunisia.

Our mission

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