Novatis officially celebrate its 6th anniversary
Novatis officially celebrate its 6th anniversary
1 April 2015
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13 May 2015
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Succeed your campaign with Newsletters


Newsletter is a simple commercial alert sent to subscribers, it can establish a lasting relationship with customers and prospects. »The newsletter is not a vulgar advertising that can be thrown in faces.

A newsletter requires its own tactics to recruit new customers; it must meet three essential criteria (regularity, content, design)


The newsletter must be regular; this criteria consolidates relationships,you must differentiate your newsletter of your promotional campaigns, subscribers waiting for news, not ads.

Content: the secret of success

The attention paid to a newsletter is often very limited,because of the huge number of information and advertising mails received every day by Internet users, so you should Find the right title and choose a well-developed content to maximize open rates.

Newsletters with good content save a bargaining chip to co-marketing activities with other actors and give your readers used to open your newsletter, by creating a sense of expectation.

« A newsletter should contain a maximum of three information. It should not say too much to whet the curiosity of the user, so he will visit the site to discover other product range” said by Cyrille Guillaud (CG Consulting)


The design of your newsletter, It must inspire the subscriber to keep reading, This not only helps you attract readers’ eyes , but it also allows you to support your message. Avoid inserting too many images, if the loading time is too long your newsletter will go directly to the recycle bin.

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