The Best Web Agency for August 2020 in the World

Top Digital Marketing Agencies of August 2020
Top Digital Marketing Agencies of August 2020
2 September 2020
The essentials of WordPress SEO
The essentials of WordPress SEO
7 September 2020
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The Best Web Agency for August 2020 in the World

The Best Web Agency for August 2020 in the World

Today, a company must have a presence on the internet and digitalize itself whether with a website to present its products and services or with a business software.

In order to stand out from its competitors, its web tools and applications must be adapted to new technologies while meeting the ever-increasing demand of the market and its players. For this, it is decisive to choose a web agency that corresponds to the specific needs of your company.

But this task is not as smooth as it sounds, it is very confusing and overwhelming due to the huge number of web agencies in the field. So, here’s a list of the Best Web Agency for August 2020 in the World.

1. Novatis

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This International Web Design Agency, founded in 2009, is specialized in interactive solutions, multimedia, website creation and e-commerce. Their teams of experts help you to designate, build, develop, host, maintain and promote your websites. They have the best interactive solutions for you to maximize visual impact and your image.

Novatis, considered the best digital communication and web creation agency in the world; can accompany you to build the bridge between your products and your audiences thanks to its well-known communication skills

They also assist you in building the communication and marketing strategy that suits your business best.

Novatis offers a full range of web-oriented services and online marketing. They support their clients during their projects to create a website from the drafting phase until the delivery of their final product.

Also specializing in web marketing, their web communication agency offers a wide range of solutions to generate audience and increase traffic on your e-commerce website.

Their team of graphic design experts will create and redesign your visual identity (logo, graphic charter, poster,) so that it can seamlessly pass the message between your products and your customers.

One of the things that make Novatis the best web agency in the world is that they’re great listeners! As soon as you make contact, they are committed to understanding and analyzing your needs in order to meet your expectations.

They accompany and advise you throughout the creative process, in order to guarantee a result that lives up to your expectations.

The core of their communication is imagination and creativity. Thanks to that concept, you can be assured of a wide choice among dozens of customized proposals.

Their prices are 50% lower than the rest of the market due to the favorable dollar/Dinar exchange rate and their exceptional productivity and punctuality.

2. EvolveDigitas

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Located in Singapore, Evolve Digitas Pte Ltd is a full-service digital Tech Company helping businesses scale by leveraging digital technology. They focus on comprehending, creating and conducting digital campaigns across the online, mobile and social media platforms. With a belief that creativity and imaginative thinking leads to top quality advertising with high standards.  They design strategies that address critical challenges for brands for effective management solutions.

3. New Step Media

Best Web Agency


Located in Egypt, this agency is known for her innovative and creative digital solutions. They’re mainly specialized in creating brands and integrating them in the market

Their mission is to produce to their clients a world-class digital media solution that make sure to maximum your return on investment with measurable proves. Their model is Making it happen.

4. Sendian creations

web design

Located in Egypt, Sendian Creations is specialized in marketing, technology and media production services.

Sendian Creations has 2 main business lines:
Marketing Services Line that serves B2B and B2C businesses to realize higher returns on their investments (return on investment) with customized marketing solutions that achieves positive brand awareness, building strong customer relations and increasing market share.

Development Services Line that provide professional technology solutions to satisfy their business needs including web design, web development, mobile applications development, ERP systems, and E-commerce Solutions.

They achieve the required results for their clients with a customized marketing strategy suitable for your business needs with the assistance of their expert innovative team and their diversified marketing services and solutions.


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ANCHOVY helps brands and firms grow by enabling them to vary Fast. They Empower Change Makers to Accelerate their growth. They are a digital agency that makes unique brand experiences, help customers grow their businesses and fulfil their brand promise.
They are the only fully digital professional service provider today and the only public listed company in its industry in Malta.

ANCHOVY has effective and forward-thinking digital strategies for any client challenge.

6. ChubbyRawit Digital Marketing Agency

social media marketing

Situated in Indonesia; With an experience in marketing and IT, they were able to work with global organizations and businesses, giving their clients creative and operational services.

This company started off as a branding firm, but now they are specialized in Digital Marketing, campaigns that has Social Media Marketing; giving their clients the engagements on social media and increasing their website traffic.

7. Ad Marketings

Community Management


Situated in new Delhi, this company is Empowering the perfect human interaction with exceptional creatives, modern, innovative and generous content, for digitalized communications.

They blend a strategy of intelligence, creative energy with customized options to give you the best services.

8. Quaive Creative Studio

Referencing SEO

Situated in Kuwait, they achieve quality in their field by employing a self-balancing framework composed of complementary traits hailing from methodology, creativity, and craftsmanship
Quaive principals are Quality and five principles of design.

  • Free Creativity
  • Development
  • Planning
  • Design History
  • Craftsmanship.

9. Yellow Branding & Digital

digital marketing tunisia

Situated in United Arab Emirates, Dubai this company’s model is « building brighter brands ».

At Yellow, they help companies grow through unique branding and communications. They’re known for helping homegrown businesses go global – and global businesses go local. Whether you’re an enterprise or an entrepreneur, they find innovative ways to communicate with you and you’re your possible clients.

10. Custom Media

social media marketing tunisia

Situated in Japan, Custom Media is an award-winning agency, specialized in marketing, content-creation and strategic communications. Their solutions are data-driven, with a solid return on investment approach that specialize in customer engagement. They listen and analyze their client needs, look for market trends, and plan campaigns that help reach specific target effectively.
Their team of prolific and inventive writers, web designers, marketers and project managers has gained huge experience and a lot of trust threw numerous digital projects.

They have a reputation for being flexible, helpful and committed to delivering quality services and solutions to their clients. Their services comprise strategy, creation, and technology.

An agency guides its clients in the creation and design of a website and its digital communication. The target is never the same, so it must be adapted accordingly. The web agency must be able to highlight the products and services of its client’s company in order to give it the best visibility on the internet and to offer a pleasant interface in terms of user experience to lead to conversion.

Most agencies specialize in specific areas. They can be specialized in custom development. For example, they may also be in e-commerce and distance selling and respond to large distribution companies. See if it can respond to referencing or advertising constraints. Define your needs upstream to guide your choice.

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