The Best Web Agency for August 2020 in the World
The Best Web Agency for August 2020 in the World
2 September 2020
The importance of SEO and how it works
The importance of SEO and how it works
10 September 2020
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The essentials of WordPress SEO

The essentials of WordPress SEO

If you are planning to start a blog or a site with a full WordPress web hosting plan, whether it is to make money selling articles, to create content, to place Google Adsense ads, or to have a website directly that you offer your own services, it is important to plan an SEO Strategy.

What are the essentials of WordPress SEO?

Strengths of WordPress SEO

There are many resources, both paid and free, for WordPress that will allow you to optimize your website and to do almost everything on it, besides having various plugins and information to get started with your SEO optimized WordPress.

Almost any tutorial, guide, SEO or digital marketing course will teach you how to work with WordPress. This does not mean that there are other specialized platforms for specific types of websites like web hosting services, just that the costs are higher.

Besides having thousands of plugins with features, you also have a wide variety of themes so that you can create content with great designs for free or at a fairly affordable price

Why work on SEO positioning in WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS (Content Manager System or Content Management System), which allows you to create a website in seconds; while SEO helps you to get visits to your website in a sustained manner over « normal » time.

Anyone who creates a website with a web hosting service should think of a way to attract visitors with a purpose. There are different ways to optimize your website, such as social media, ads, videos, etc. And among all these options, the most common one is SEO, as it only requires knowledge and work that in the medium term can provide quite attractive results.

SEO Guide in WordPress

WordPress SEO

Taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of your CMS, you can start to develop your schedule to build and optimize your website in WordPress and boost it for SEO. The normal thing is to work on a test server and / or locally, then migrate the changes to the real web hosting server in production. To start the process of creating an SEO optimized web project, there are a few main steps you need to take:

Which web hosting offer to choose?

Which web hosting server to choose is a little complicated answer because it depends on the investment you can afford to make.

If you want to start with all of this, a cheap, dedicated web hosting service to WordPress is recommended. There are several plans and prices to meet your needs.

In general, the price is related to what the server will be able to support, so the best features, the best performance.

Installing WordPress using the automatic installer

Today all web hosting providers offer you the option to automatically install WordPress with just one click and even have it ready for you to optimize your website with the configuration and a plugin already preinstalled for performance.

This is an option that is recommended because it saves you a lot of time if you need to download WordPress, upload it to the server, etc.

Definition of required base pages

The first thing to do is think about what your website will be like, what basic functionality you are going to need, and what pages you are going to need to complete this process.

Keyword study

After deciding which pages you need, you need to define all the keywords for your project and which pages you will rank for which keywords.

To carry out a keyword study it is very important to know the industry or to have information about it, for this you can talk with people who know the subject, read articles and study websites so you can create content suitable for your prerogatives.

Project design

If you have the pages you need, studying the keywords (and with that, new pages will most likely come out), now it is necessary to define and complete the mockup with the design part.

In fact, the mockup is already a first part of the design itself, but you will also add the part of the colors, borders, fonts etc.

If you have the help of an expert designer who can make you a custom theme, it will make the web loading speed easier.

Choose a domain and its extension

The choice of domain name and extension are two small factors to take into account. This is something that is going to be decisive, but sometimes it can make a big difference compared to other competitors.


Choosing a keyword in your own domain doesn’t work as well as it did years ago, but it’s true that it still helps.

In some industries it will always be difficult to compete for certain keywords and that can give you a plus, but on the other hand it does not give you a brand name that can also be important enough to gain exposure.

The inclusion of the brand name in the domain will give you a clear identity for the users so that they can relate your brand to your service. Choosing a brand name is a difficult process and should be done with care as it should be easy to remember and not take too long.

Additionally, if you create a brand, it will also make it easier for you to measure its growth in Google searches, so that you can see that as part of your growth.

Domain extension

The domain extension is the last part that comes with our web name (.com, .org, .net, etc.). There are several domain extensions that you can buy, some more expensive than others, and that have their own meaning.

This meaning can help search engines associate our website with this meaning, for example, a website directed to a specific country, information websites, etc.

Which WordPress theme to choose?

how to use WordPress

On which theme to choose in WordPress, it is recommended to always have something fast and simple.

If you are just starting out, it is recommended that you start with free themes, so you can create content easily, but if you have been doing this for a long time you might need something more professional to help you build multiple websites.

Builders in WordPress

You can buy a specialized theme and complement it with a builder that allows you to edit any element of the site and optimize your website, but the more self-editing it is, the more likely it is to overload the web, this is another technical aspect to consider to take into account.

with a builder combined with a free or paid theme that corresponds to what you are looking for in terms of design, you can have a fairly professional optimized website that help you create content with a fairly good performance.

Content creation

Once you have the server with your domain, the web installed, the theme selected and installed, in addition to the selected builder if necessary, it is necessary to start building your pages with the content.

You come back here to your study of the keywords created at the beginning of the project and you order the creation of the pages by priority that is to say of all the pages of the web, which are the most important? Which of these are needed to start working?

With these questions, you can phase your project forward. It is very important to set dates to set limits on yourself, to help you see the progress of your project and how it all influences your SEO strategy

Plugins required for the project

At this level of the project, you should already have your entire website built and designed with the necessary content, but you need to supplement it with different plugins that allow you to finish optimizing your WordPress for SEO.

SEO plugins for WordPress

The first thing you need is an SEO oriented plugin that helps you integrate a sitemap into your website, setting up your robots.txt file, indexing control, goals, breadcrumbs, etc. .

The best known today are Yoast and RankMath.

There are also those of image optimization, cache and speed plugins for the performance of your website

Other important aspects of your SEO strategy for WordPress

Although our WordPress website is optimized and configured for SEO, there are other aspects that you should take into account.

These aspects are a little more technical and require more dedication, such as the strategy, monitoring and development of your project.


In the strategy part, you have to define the structure part of your website, the anchors used in the links, the technical changes with periodic reviews, the link building strategy, the distribution of content to go out in other media or even appear in Google Discover, something that can help you a lot.

 Monitoring and developement

To successfully monitor and evolve content, you will need analysis and dashboard creation tools to help you with these tasks and allow you to quickly visualize the whole process.

WordPress is today one of the preferred platforms to optimize your website at SEO level in a short time. Thanks to its plugins such as Yoast SEO or All In One SEO Pack provided by web hosting services, and popular themes already optimized to improve search engine positioning, this task becomes relatively easy. That’s why it’s the CMS of choice for marketing agencies, web developers, and webmasters looking to quickly rank their websites in search engines. There isn’t much to say, just install WP, configure it correctly and you will be able to create content, to rank 50% faster, and better, than on other types of websites that do not meet the standards and practices recommended by Google.


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