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3 December 2014
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3 December 2014
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The flat design: sober and pro

Let’s talk about the graphic design of websites; one is regarding a variety of design. Flat Design (also known under name Flat UI) indicates a minimalist trend which we find more and more used on the Web.

The flat design draws its origin from the graphic choices of Microsoft, with its last operating system Windows 8 and Metro style.

But it is not the only source of inspiration of the flat design! Indeed, Google militates for a certain time for adaptive choices of web design, which supposes the adaptation of any web template to different platforms.

The flat design Web excludes from office all superfluous details at the time of the realization of a layout model of the page for the Web. We thus find uniform colors there, a relatively sober general aspect as well as a typographical organization which founds the organization of the contents.

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