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3 December 2014
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5 December 2014
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The little story of logo

A logotype, more usually called logo, is a chart which is used to identify in a single and immediate way the companies, associations, institutions, products, services, events, or any other kind of organizations with an aim of differentiating the owner from the logotype of the other entities.

A logotype is in general a written brand  using a special cast iron of characters , and laid out in a particular, but readable way. A logo is a very important marketing tool in the presentation of the company. To have a successful logo, it is necessary to have the spirit of creativity and the following factors :

Simplicity: it must clearly symbolize your brand image.
Recognizable: it must easily be known and recognized.
Confidence: it must inspire confidence with your customers.
Readable: it must have a distinctive typography.
Constancy: it must be used according to the developed visual language (graphic style of the company identity).
Single: it must dissociate that of your competitors.

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