Top 10 e-commerce sites consulted in Tunisia in January 2018

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9 January 2019
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Top 10 e-commerce sites consulted in Tunisia in January 2018

The e-commerce market has grown exponentially in Tunisia in recent years.
Following a search on the sites e-commerce the most popular in January 2018, Novatis the web agency in Tunisia reveals a decreasing ranking of the most visited sites.


This site selling high-tech products is at the top of the list with 875,300 visits in January 2018. This amounts to the great diversity of products it offers: laptops, smartphones, appliances … But also to Competitive prices and ease of placing orders.


Jumia is one of the sites e-commerce the best known in Tunisia that makes shopping easy to do at very affordable prices. It is characterized by the variety of its product range: electronics, household appliances, beauty … This site allows you to navigate easily in a captivating and functional site.


Tunisianet is one of the sites selling hardware and home appliances as well as different high tech products. This site collaborates with the biggest brands, which allows its customers to be completely satisfied by the quality of the purchases.


Alwosta is the first Arabic site specialized in the online sale of medicinal herbs. In January 2018, its popularity increased considerably and it reached the highest visit rates (345,300 visits). This online store offers natural products that continue to attract a greater number of Internet users. Items on sale include herbs, seeds, honey and essential oils. This site is created by Novatis, our web agency in Tunisia and seduces browsers by its graphics , the subtlety of its content and the ease of its use. Visit to make sure.


The famous brand Fatales occupies an important place in the ranking. Its online store is characterized by an ergonomic site with an elegant design. In addition, it offers features and options that make it easy to use. Fans of this brand can discover and order via this portal a multitude of high-end products such as perfumes and cosmetics.


This commercial site sells office, appliance and high tech appliances. Its captivating design and the diversity of the products on offer attract many visitors who order online items and receive them in 48 hours.


This site is also specialized in everything related to computers, electronics and household appliances. It offers promotions and payment facilities that attract users with good value for money.


The airline Tunisair regresses in the ranking after being the first in June 2017. 158 900 is the number of Internet users who visited its official website in January 2018.


Scoop is another computer and office tool sales site that interests a large number of Tunisians. They choose it for its functionality and the refinement of its design. In addition, the products marketed are signed by the biggest international brands.


This site e-commerce offers a wide range of products: clothing, shoes, household appliances, smartphones … Its growing popularity is due to its versatile appearance and the quality of its delivery services and commercial assistance.

It is interesting to note that comparing this rankingat the top 10 e-commerce sites in Tunisia in June 2017, the popularity of some sites like that of Tunisair has decreased in just 6 months. On the other hand, other new sites have taken over others like Alwosta. In addition, Mytek, Jumia and Tunisanet are still in the top 5.
Our web agency in Tunisia will keep you informed of all the major movements concerning the sites e-commerce in Tunisia.

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