Top Digital Marketing Agencies of August 2020

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9 January 2019
The Best Web Agency for August 2020 in the World
The Best Web Agency for August 2020 in the World
2 September 2020
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Top Digital Marketing Agencies of August 2020

Top Digital Marketing Agencies of August 2020

The web market, marketing, strategies and communication, all aspects strongly influenced by local culture and habits. Each agency therefore offers, in different places around the world, slightly different services and shows itself to clients in the manner most suited to their location. In this selection, we chose the best companies from all over the world with a global market.


web agency in Tunisia


Novatis is one of the best international marketing agencies that was born in 2009 with a specialization in digital marketing and a strong brand culture. But they are not limited to digital marketing and branding: in addition to these services they offer web design, social networks, strategies and creativity, social blogging, community management and media analysis.

Which is really appreciable and which denotes a typically ingenious approach, very focused on results as well as form. And that’s what makes Novatis stands out for its youth and innovation

Their slogan is « Together, let’s give life to your ideas! » There satisfied customers include Stanfield, AEP, Baby and Mam and Yes Consulting.




web design


No one can fail to choose Netcel as one of the best digital marketing agencies in Great Britain, here too everyone finds a high level client package that is not very « local » but, everyone can absolutely affirm that its strongly British imprint is very obvious. Despite an international team, the overseas market focuses its attention on community management, case studies and customer testimonials; even Netcel highlights these aspects a lot on the site. They understood that what your customers say about you is more valuable than what you can tell about yourself.




social media marketing is a B2B company, founded in 2012, which is responsible for identifying, through an innovative research process, which are the best companies in a given sector and according to very specific variables. The objective of this service is to offer other companies quality information for the creation of new companies or to find partners who meet specific needs. With this working method, very valuable information is obtained on the studied market, with which very satisfied and loyal customers are obtained over time. This American digital marketing agency evaluated through a matrix different indicators of different digital marketing agencies in the United States. Determining which ones are best based on referrals, clients and experience, community management, market presence and their work as such in the digital marketing industry.




web design tunisia

Big Youth Agency was founded in 2004 in France. Today, it is one of the best marketing agencies in the world and has three offices, 100 employees and 29 awards. They offer the most varied services, from social media to CRM, including branded content, production and technology, innovation and user experience. Their website is modern, sleek with a sophisticated design and visually appealing, with an original content layout.

Its clients include Citroen, Ferrari and Universal Music.



web creation


It is a digital marketing agency that everyone is following with great interest and which, although with a slightly higher target than the others, has left its « Dutch » roots clearly evident. The target is high, elements and services such as “wordpress” and “web design” are disappearing, giving way to campaign touchpoint mapping, creative concept and consumer decision paths.






Referencing SEO

Located in Los Angeles and founded in 2005, Thrive, as the name suggests, has grown to rack up offices in 24 cities, partnerships with Google, Bing, and Mailchimp, and over forty awards. This digital marketing agency offer services like SEO, web design, social media marketing, community management, video production, content writing, conversion optimization, and email marketing. Its clients include Nationwide Construction, J & B, Northline express, and Western Sport.

Without forgetting to mention the agency profile in the networks is factual, committed, with his own design and publications exclusively related to the agency.



web agency


iProspect is a Japanese digital marketing agency founded in 2012 that today has 93 offices in cities around the world. They are Google Premier Partner and Adwords Certified Partner and offer the services of social media management, conversion optimization, creative content, display, paid search and organic search, video, mobile strategy and marketing data analysis.

They have served clients such as Hilton, Adidas, Kellogg’s, Mondelēz International and Burberry. Everyone loves the layout of the success stories is clear, complete and visually appealing.





Ecommerce Website


Overdose is one of the top marketing agencies in Australia with a young, risky and innovative profile. Founded in 2016, it has offices in Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney and Singapore and employs a team of more than 80 people specializing in strategy, technology, marketing and performance. They claim to be an « anti-agency agency, focused on strategically mapping our business goals into tangible results through unique and disruptive strategies. » They have worked for Samsung, Ecostore, Fonterra, HBO, and Cancer Council.

The presentation of the agency is one of the most original that you can see.



Community Management


Founded in 2008, Coal is a London-based digital marketing agency with a second office in Birmingham. With the slogan “turning data into human truth”, its team of twenty employees specializes in web development, social media marketing, community management, email marketing and SEO strategy. They have worked for companies like WWF, Fish and Chips, Isuzu and Chanel.

They deal with areas as diverse as strategy, production, branding, design and digital development. Their website is sleek and focused on their work.




247GRAD :

sponsoring facebook


247GRAD is a German agency founded in 2010. An international marketing agency that stands out for its youth and innovation, with a very active profile on networks, especially on Facebook. Its main services are social media marketing, website design and development, digital campaigns and performance marketing. They are Microsoft Partner and their clients include Adidas, Zurich and Borgward.

HUB09 :

social media marketing Tunisia

HUB09 is one of the best Italian digital marketing agencies born in 2009 with a specialization in social media and a strong brand culture. But they’re not limited to social media, community management and branding – in addition to these services, they offer web design, digital public relations, strategy and creativity, social blogging, video production, and marketing media analysis. Their slogan is « We are Italians, independent and optimists ». Its satisfied customers include Spotify, Kinder Bueno, Campari, Shell, and TicTac.

you are going to like so much the social media agency profile, which is fun and relaxed. They put great content related to digital culture online.




web creation tunisia

Make every click count! That’s the tagline for Straight North, a company located in Chicago, Illinois. The interesting thing about this digital marketing agency is that on its website it shows the results achieved with each of its clients and depending on the service it provided, for example in the SEO positioning section you can download case studies in which they detail how their customers’ traffic and transactions have grown through organic web positioning. This method of selling offers real results, which is very attractive to the potential customer. They offer specific solutions for each problem, which help attract the right customers and turn opportunities into business.

The panorama of digital marketing web agencies is constantly evolving and, fortunately, constantly evolving from all points of view. We have a richer choice of agencies that deal with businesses at 360 degrees. This does not diminish the quality of digital marketing services, but rather enables the creation of strategies and products with better integration between design, technique and promotion, having a single point of contact for everything. As demonstrated by the innovative agency Novatis, who stands out with a comprehensive approach, professionalism and complete dedication to clients.


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