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9 May 2015
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1 July 2015
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Turn shoppers to buyers

As an online store owner you are always looking for more sales and traffic with different ways to increase online sales, sometimes it was difficult to choose the best place to start.

There’s no more painful for business owners than seeing shoppers walk in the door and walk out empty- handed, So here the question is how turn shoppers into buyers? Even more important, how can make them loyal advocates ?

A company can design several versions of its website and use one of many new software packages to track how each design affects the conversion rate and get you closer to your dreams of building your online empire.

Today customers are more demanding than their predecessors, they are better informed, and they have higher expectations, so to win them over, you have to figure out what makes you different from others, give them what they want, when they want it, at a price they are willing to pay for it. You have to gain their trust and provide the best service, or they will simply go to your competitor.

One thing that makes shoppers leave a site very quickly is if you try to hide prices. Even if they are a bit high, you will be better off to be upfront with them than to try and hide them.Always keep your customers from just browsing and “shopping” without any direction to boost sales and have a simple, clean design with an easy navigational menu.

It is important to make your visitors feel appreciated by giving them a discount on their first order, and being thankful for even stopping by your site.

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