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To be always close to its customers, NOVATIS has opened a second office in USA.The office was created to support the projects of our clients in this country.
Our office is ideally located in the heart of the city, a location that allows us to manage meetings with our regional customers.

Novatis Web Agency, Your communication consulting agency

Because we know that communication is essential to achieve your goals. Novatis, your digital communication agency is tailor-made to help you build your products and your audiences.
Novatis assists you to put in place the communication and marketing strategy best suited to your activity

The areas of expertise of our communication agency

Our communication agency offers a full range of web-oriented services and online marketing. We assist our customers during their website creation projects, from the drafting stage of specifications until the delivery of their final product. Also specializing in web marketing, our web communication agency offers a wide range of solutions to generate audience and increase the traffic on your e-commerce website or showcase website.
Our team of graphic design experts will take care of the creation and redesign of your visual identity (logo, graphic charter, poster, etc…) so that it can perfectly channel the message between your products and your end customers.

Why choose us ?

  • To best meet your expectations. It all starts with active listening! As soon as you make contact, we are eager to understand and analyze your needs in order to best meet your expectations.
  • Well beyond a simple access to our platform, we accompany you and advise you throughout the process of creation, to ensure a result that meets your expectations.
  • We start communication with a lot of imagination and creativity. Thanks to our concept, you have the assurance of a wide choice among dozens of adapted and tailor-made proposals.
  • A team of specialists who are at the forefront of the latest technological and marketing developments.
  • Our services are 50% lower than the French market due to the favorable Euro / Dinar exchange rate and the exceptional productivity of our experienced employees.

And even

Even after the launching of your project, Novatis closely follows its evolution thanks to monitoring tools and statistical analysis. According to the observations made, you will benefit from a tailor-made support to optimize your referencing, the frequentation of your site or