Maintenance and update pack

A website needs to be alive, modified, adapted to your company and to the present clients, but also to those you wish to target. That is why novatis has conceived three maintenance packs for you, to answer your specific needs.

A professional maintenance guarantees an efficient presence

It is important that your website “lives” to maintain an efficient communication online. It has to evolve in the rhythm of your company’s changes and of its production, not to fall into internet’s oubliette. Regular modifications, texts, photography, scripts updates ensure your online success. Your website will always be pleasant to consult for your visitors, more secure and appreciated by search engines !

  • Updates are made according to your needs.
  • Maximum deadline of changes establishment is 48 hours.
  • A preferential tariff is suggested for the very regular updates on the content but also on the code.

A professional maintenance guarantees an efficient presence

To continue having an efficient presence online, you have to regularly make updates on the content, of course, but also on the codes of your pages in order for them to remain in the norms of W3C if it is since the beginning >>> test your website with W3C validate. Of course, nothing forces you to have a website with norms or regularly updated,but, if the job is done by a professional this gives you a certain insurance such as :

  • Your website won’t be degraded during the navigators’ updates
  • It will appear correctly on most of the navigators
  • Its accessibility will be way better
  • You will have a better SEO optimization
  • The global maintenance costs will be reduced