You already have a website? but ...

  • It is not up-to-date
  • it is no longer relevant
  • Does not correspond to your activity anymore
  • It downgrades your company’s image
  • It does not work well, its conception is outdated
  • Its update, hosting or subscription are expensive

Here's how we work , together, to launch your website


First step

Appointments and definition of the objectives of your website


Step 2

Taking information


Step 3

Presentation of models and ideas


Step 4

Development of your website



Launch of your website

Why wouldn’t you redesign it?

The redesigning of a website can take on different aspects, whether it is about a simple graphic redesign that doesn’t include the website’s tree view, a more important redesign where all the content is rearranged or a necessary optimization with a Referencing strategy.

How to prepare the redesign of a website?

Before proceeding to the website redesign, we analyze its entire content and appearance to pick up the modifications needed. Many expertises take action in the redesign of the website such as the creator, the editor,
the optimizer, translator, graphic artist… It has to be done while consolidating your website’s key points and correcting its deficiencies.
For this reason, the web agency NOVATIS starts each redesign project with one audit for the competition and another one for your existing website. In order to succeed your redesign, you have to take into consideration the contained information in your actual website.
According to the results, we determine with you the distinctive approaches, the key points and the directing principles of your website.
The website redesign is an additional advantage to create customer’s loyalty and offer the image of a dynamic company in perpetual evolution. It is also the occasion to win visitors and to be more optimized for the search engines.