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Why comply with the RGPD is a requirement ?


The RGPD: What is it ?

RGPDis the abbreviation of General Regulations on Data Protection(in English GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation). In fact, it is a law officially entered into force on May 25, 2018. Its role is to regulate the use made of personal data users in the European Union. This Regulation applies to any treatment, automated or otherwise, of personal data like the collections, the conservations, the extractions or the addresses. That is to say that its ultimate goal is to protect the rights of users but also to hold companies accountable for not violating them.

Non-European companies, including Tunisian companies, are also subject to this law if they target EU residents by offering services to European residents (Article 3 of the Regulation).

What is the practical interest of this regulation ?

When a visitor visits a web site or requests a service via the Internet, the RGPD guarantees the transparency of the company about the data collected. This transparency is essentially defined by its confidentiality policy, which must comply with this regulation.

In addition, compliance with RGPD ensures the following steps:

  • Companies clearly and explicitly explain why they collect data
  • The customer must provide prior consent for a company or website to collect its data
  • The customer can withdraw his consent at any time
  • The personal data of the customer can be modified or removed under his request

Thus, this regulation allows companies to establish a relationship of trust with their customers. A factor that can undoubtedly optimize their marketing strategies. The visitor, meanwhile, will enjoy optimal security in terms of privacy and personal data .

Why any showcase or e-commerce site must comply with the RGPD ?

This regulation aims to protect the private data of European citizens but also to raise awareness among European and foreign companies to do the same. In addition, it guarantees transparency that makes companies and their customers in a secure and legalized relationship.
In the case of non-compliance with this law, significant pecuniary sanctions may apply. These can reach 4% of turnover. In case of recidivism, the fine may be doubled.
However, in extreme cases such as human rights abuses resulting from computer files or processing, criminal penalties may apply. They can indeed go up to 5 years of imprisonment and 300 000 euros of fine.

How to make my online business compliant with the GDPR ?

Whatever your website or activity, the Novatis web agency offers you the appropriate and reliable solutions to comply with RGPD. Thus, the site of your company will be entirely reassuring not only for you but also for your customers.

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